Tables and Columns

station_number A six-digit number normally referred to as the "MEDS" station number. Presently "MEDS" station numbers are only 5 digits, the six digit field will allow for future expansion. NUMBER (6) Primary Key
station_name A geographically descriptive name for the gauging station. This will be a 32-character text field. The province doesn't have to be included in this field. VARCHAR2 (32) Mandatory
account This field is system set with user account info for update and delete privileges. VARCHAR2 (16)
DBE_TIME Database Entry Time - System set. DATE
DBU_TIME Database Update Time - System set. DATE
status A 16-character field to indicate the current status of the gauging station. The proposed options are Permanent, Temporary and Discontinued. The Discontinued option is to identify a former Permanent station that is no longer in operation. VARCHAR2 (16) Mandatory check list
latitude The decimal degree latitude of the station position. NUMBER (11,6) Negative North Mandatory Default value -999.999999
longitude The decimal degree longitude of the station position. NUMBER (11,6) Negative West Mandatory Default value -999.999999
established A four digit number indicating the year the gauging station was originally established. NUMBER (4) Mandatory Default value 9999 to indicate the date hasn't been determined
province A three character code indicating the province where the gauging station is located. VARCHAR2 (3) Mandatory check list
country A 20-character field indicating which country the gauging station is located in. VARCHAR2 (20) Mandatory Default value Canada check list
ownership A 10-character field to indicate the CHS regional office responsible for the gauging station. VARCHAR2 (10) Mandatory check list
tide_table_volume A single digit field to indicate the volume of Canadian Tide and Currents Tables the station applies to. NUMBER (2) Mandatory Default value 0 to indicate that it is not applicable check list
reference_station A 6-digit field to indicate the tidal reference station, which has been identified for the gauging station. NUMBER (6) Mandatory Default value 999999 to indicate that a reference station isn't defined
cgvd28_cd2000 A (6,3) digit field to indicate the arithmetic difference in metres between Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum and Chart Datum 2000 for the gauging station. NUMBER (6,3) Optional
comments A 2000 character field, which will contain a historical chrology of events concerning the gauging station. This can include dates the station was established, dates and information regarding changes in measuring equipment, dates and information concerning datum changes and information regarding gauging problems which can affect accuracy. VARCHAR2 (2000) Optional


Province Check List: NF, PE, NS, NB, QC, ON, MB, SA, AB, BC, NT, YT
Note: NT defines both NWT and Nunavut

Country Check List: Canada or USA

Ownership Check List: ATL, LAU, CA, PAC

Tide_table_volume Check List: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7