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Argo is the largest ocean climate monitoring system in the world. It is an array of over 4,000 free-drifting floats that collects data on ocean temperature and salinity, providing valuable information on changes to the Earth's climate and hydrological cycle. Fisheries and Oceans Canada is proud to be a strong contributor to the international Argo project. Since 2001, the department has launched over 400 Argo floats, 88 of which are still operating. Argo data is publically available for free and is used for a variety of purposes such as assessing climate change, improving weather forecasts and developing ocean models.

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Services and information

Canadian floats

Argo statistics on Canadian floats, and the data gathered by each active and inactive float.

Argo Canada products

Density and paths of Argo floats collecting sea water data around the globe, including Gulf of Alaska.

Global and Canadian data

Global maps, graphs and reports related to Argo floats and the data they collect.

About Argo floats

How Argo floats are released into the oceans, a typical 10-day cycle, float diagrams and videos.

Contact Argo Canada

Phone numbers and addresses for national headquarters, and Pacific and Maritimes regions.

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